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  • Dancing Queen - VCE Student A 'Top Class' Success

    Congratulations to Eliza Edwards (Year 12) on her recent selection into the 'Top Class - Seasons of Excellence' concert. Read more here.

  • New Beginnings - Term 1, 2016

    Week 1 of 2016 saw the commencement of new and exciting journeys as our Prep and Year 7 students began their Primary and Secondary school adventures respectively.

  • Year 7, 2017 Applications Closing Soon

    Discover new ambitions and aspire to achieve excellence at Marymede Catholic College in 2017. Year 7 applications close on Friday Februaery 26, 2016. Click for more.

  • Let's See How Far We've Come - Marymede From the Sky

    Marymede Catholic College has seen some amazing growth and devleopment over the past 9 years. Just look at the aerial images to see how far we've come.



Marymede Trade Skills Centre

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Marymede SRC

Our Student Representative Council promotional video. Who are the SRC and what do they do?

The Captain's Journey

The story of 2015 College Captains Michael and Marisa during their final year of Secondary School.

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Having started at the young age of two, Year 12 student Eliza Edwards can’t remember a time when she wasn’t dancing.

And if current achievements are anything to go by, she has a lifetime of dance to look forward to - having recently been one of very few students across the State accepted to perform at the VET Dance ‘Top Class - Seasons of Excellence’ concert, set to take place on Thursday February 25 at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Eliza was selected to audition for this concert after receiving outstanding results in VET Dance which she completed at Marymede Catholic College in 2015 – finishing with an overall study score of 47 out of 50, the second highest in the State.

To audition, Eliza prepared two solo performances in Contemporary and Jazz dance, with the later earning her selection into this year’s exhibition. “I was pretty nervous but also really excited going into the Audition” says Eliza, who now dances 4 nights a week at ‘Bev Palmer Performing Arts’ in South Morang.

And whilst she loves everything about dancing – “performing, being up on stage and just everything!” she has found her passion to be a particularly helpful outlet during her VCE years – “dancing allows me to express myself and have a small amount of time away from studies and the demands of VCE.”

This year Eliza is undertaking VCE Dance, English, Further Maths, Health & Human Development and Physical Education. She hopes to complete her VCE studies before exploring some options overseas in 2017 and beyond. “I’m hoping to eventually travel the world through my dancing and see where that takes me.”

For now though, the focus is solely on VCE and her upcoming Top Class concert, although she does have some great advice for young aspiring dancers: “Go for it! Just keep dancing and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something – anything is possible.”

Marymede Catholic College would like to congratulate Eliza on this outstanding achievement and we wish her all the very best in her final year of Secondary school and future dancing endeavours.

Photo Courtesy of the Edwards Family

Last Thursday February 4, the Parents and Friends Committee at Marymede Catholic College held their anunal Prep parents Morning Tea.

This is a popular event each year providing an opportunity for some of the newest Parents in the Marymede Community to meet and have a chat with one another whilst also learning about the P&F Committee and ways in which they support the College.

The Parents & Friends Committee is made up of enthusiastic parents who all share the positive vision and values of the College. Activities of the Parents and Friends Committee may be of a social nature, for fundraising, or assistance with important College events. The Committee also acts as a point of liaison between businesses and organisations in our wider community.

We'd like to acknowledge the P&F for organising this great event and thank all parents in attendance on the day. We strongly encourage any parent/guardian interesting beocming a member of the Committee to contact them via paf@marymede.vic.edu.au.


We invite all families to visit us and experience Marymede Catholic Coollege first hand.

Open mornings are conducted on a regular basis and provide families with a great chance to meet and speak with our College Principal Mr Michael Kenny, tour our College grounds and discuss the opportunities available to all students here at the College.

Please find below a list of upcoming Open Mornings:

Wednesday February 17

Thursday March 17

Thursday April 21

Monday May 16

Wednesday June 15

Tuesday September 13

Tuesday October 11

Tuesday November 8

Thursday December 1

(Please Note: All Open Mornings commence at 9.30am in the Auditorium Foyer)

For all further information regarding enrolment or tours at Marymede Catholic College please contact our College Registrar Mr Matthew Luczek on 9407-9000 or alternatively, email registrar@marymede.vic.edu.au.

Term 1 2016 has seen many exciting mornings already take place, with both our new Year 7 students and new Prep students commencing their Secondary and Primary School journeys respectively, in addition to several new students across Years 1-6 and 8-12.

The yards at Marymede Catholic College saw lots of smiles, cuddles, and even some tears as parents sent their children off on new adventures and exciting new journeys began. We are pleased to report that all students have settled into class well.

Our Year 7 students have been busy learning their new timetables with the asisstance of Senior students and also enjoying a raft of new subjects, whilst our Prep students introduction into Primary School will continue over the coming weeks as they move into full days/weeks at School.

2016 sees just under 200 new students to the College. We would like to extend a warm Marymede welcome to the following students and their families:

Prep – Year 6:
Hannah Adriatico, Aiden Ajvazovski, Liam Angerosa, Amalia Antoniou, Joseph Antony, Alice Arena, Karthik Arumugam, Diarne Aspros, Alyssa Bajric, Annissa Barber, Kian Batra, Matthew Bergamin, Palak Bharti, Rubin Bhullar, Noah Boby, Jesal Bonsrey, Sara Bousioutas, Michael Brakis, Eliza Brice, Bonnie Chen, Chiara Cramond, Talia Cutajar, Suhaan Daga, Chelsea D'Alfonso, James De Nittis, Piyumi De Silva, Marcus De Simone, Amelie Delary-Simpson, Olivia D'Ettorre, Chelsea Devlin, Veda Dewal, Jayden Diaz, Marcus Dibella, Maximus Dimitry, Kemith Dissanayake, Sascha Domalapally, Anoushka Domalapally, Rhys D'Rozario, Abel Eldose, Kalan Ellis, Marcus Ensabella, Inuki Fernando, Steven Fiorenza, Luke Flammea, Caleb Formica, Oliver Fortuna, Luis Fragale, Rahaan Gill, Ada Gordon, Halina Grande, Domenic Grasso, Shams Haider, Anita Hemmatjoo, James Horsburgh, Vivienne Horsburgh, Jayda Impicciche, Tanisha Iyer, Prithvi Jagdeo, Isabella Jessel, Shika Joe, Vaika Joe, Alden Jones, Paul Kaiprambattu Shine, Aryan Khangura, Elliah Klein, Chanula Konara Mudiyansele, Mineth Kumarasinghe, Elina Laiju, Holly Lautee, Tegan Macartney, Isabella Maccia, Oliver Maillard, Hannah Mathew, Ava Mavrogiannis, Isabella Mavrogiannis, Zara Menicucci, Mila Miseski, Kathrina Mudaliar, Ciera Multari, Gabriella Murphy, Ava O'Halloran, Marcel Oriarewo, Mitchelle Oriarewo, Chloe Pal, Ricki Panzarino, Jenuli Patabendi Maddumage, Andrew Patto, Michael Petrou, Elijah Pollard-Edwards, Aarcha Pramod, Shreyan Prasad, Karizma Ratti, Tyla Rechichi, Simon Rizkalla, Liam Roberts, Anneka Roberts, Fabiano Rocchi, Cassie Rogers, Daryl Roy, Newman Rukweza, Aaron Sajeev, Japneet Sandhu, Amelia Sansonetti, Isaac Sapazovski, Emilia Sforzato, Haleh Shamsa, Deevya Singh, Ashavn Singh, Maddyn Smith, Samuella Smith, Samuel Smith, Abraham Smith, Nikita Stefanile, Lakshy Sudarshan, Ethesha Sunilkumar, Tyson Tambolash, Jett Taormina, Francesca Trinidad, Mitch Tyson, Tori Vann, Ansh Vara, Meriel Varghese, Elie Victor, Jesse Vinci, Joshua Virgona, Mia Vitacca, Linda Vrkic, Lucas Wan, Ava Westgarth, Ace Whitnall, Rachael Williams, Mackenzie Young, Benjamin Zychla

Years 7 - 12:
Jade Adolph, Adrijan Ajvazovski, Rami Al Saiegh, Ramzi Al-Moghrabi, Kushal Anand, Olivia Antonello, Peter Arsov, Michael Baini, Christian Baratang, Jarryd Cairns, Jayde Caracella, Marcus Caruana, Jayle Cavus, Munashe Chagumaira, Chirag Charan Singh, Helsen Cross, Gabriella Cvetkova, Megha Das, Grace Demarte, Artemis Economakis, Alexis Fernando, Harrison Freeman, Rocky Gentile, Jordan Gorsevski, Jack Graham, Dina Gris, Joshua Guest, James Gurtler, Jordan Hare, Blake Harris, Ross Hatzis, Eric Hatzis, Alida Hemmatjoo, Brent Holmberg, Mitchell Huggins, Jett Humphreys, Andre Ialongo, Ivana Ilic, Lachlan Isgro, Joshua Johnson, Naomi Kelada, Tiwanthya Konara Mudiyansele, George Kounelakis, Felicity Loutas, Madeline Mangos, Jonas Markovski, Zainab Masalawala, Mustafa Masalawala, Jamie-Lee Mathews, Ethaniel Mhute, Michael Mileto, David Miseski, Victoria Papaioannou, Gavin Peasnell, Claudia Pironi, Cassandra Rukweza, Stefan Santinon, Liana Savanjika, Sankirth Sunil, Izel Tekin, Angelo Thomas, Mustafa Tohow, Julian Trampevski, Jacob Trampevski, Tegan Woods.


  • Preps DO NOT Attend except for Testing (by appt.) (CASOR) (Prep House)
    Marymede Catholic College, 60 Williamsons Rd, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia
    Wednesday 10/02/2016
  • Ash Wednesday - SS House Assembly Liturgies (WADHJ) (House Areas)
    Marymede Catholic College, 60 Williamsons Rd, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia
    Wednesday 10/02/2016
  • AIM - Academic Improvement @ Marymede (3:15p - 4:15p) (KIFTT) (Resource Centre)
    Marymede Catholic College, 60 Williamsons Rd, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia
    Wednesday 10/02/2016
  • College Community Mass - Chapel of Annunciation (WADHJ)
    Marymede Catholic College, 60 Williamsons Rd, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia
    Wednesday 10/02/2016
  • Rehearsals - College Production - The Wedding Singer (3:15p-5:30p) (BEDFA) (PA013)
    Marymede Catholic College, 60 Williamsons Rd, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia
    Thursday 11/02/2016