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  • Meet the Teacher - Mr James Paraskeva

    In this edition of 'Meet the Teacher', we speak with a member of the Secondary School Teaching Staff, Mr James Paraskeva.

  • Tapping Into Her True Potential

    Congratulations to Erica Paglianiti (Year 5) who has recently been selected to represent Victoria at the 23rd Annual Australasian Energetiks Scholarships Dance Competition.

  • Marymede Skills Centre - Update

    Construction on the Marymede Skills Centre has now begun with completion expected in readiness for the 2016 School year.

  • Open Day 2015 - Sunday August 30

    Our annual Open Day will take place on Sunday August 30 between the hours of 11.00am to 2.00pm. Meet our teachers, take a guided tour of our facilities and experience Marymede Catholic College first hand.

  • Let's See How Far We've Come - Marymede From the Sky

    Marymede Catholic College has seen some amazing growth and devleopment over the past 9 years. Just look at the aerial images to see how far we've come.



A Complete Education

Marymede Catholic College is a Prep - Year 12 Catholic Co-educational College located in South Morang

Guild Athletics Carnival 2014

A snapshot of our exciting Secondary School Guild Athletics Carnival in 2014.

Prayer Tables in Classrooms

The Marymede Catholic College Prayer Tables in Classrooms Project - 2014

what does complete mean


The Term 2, 2015 College Bulletin is now available online.

The Bulletin is produced at the conclusion of each Term and provides families with a snapshot of valuable news and information relating to Marymede Catholic College.

Click Here to Read the Term 2, 2015 College Bulletin

Congratulations to both our Senior Boys AFL team and our Senior Girls Netball team who were both crowned Premiers on a largely successful day for the College after victory in their SACCSS Division 2 Grand Finals on Wednesday June 24.


Marymede Catholic College - 74 def. Antonine College - 66


Marymede Catholic College – 31 def. Penola College – 24

(Laura Castles named MVP for the Grand Final.)

An outstanding effort by both teams, and a first for the AFL boys, who were competing in their first Grand Final in the Senior competition.



In this edition of 'Meet the Teacher' we speak with Mr James Paraskeva from the Secondary School.

Name: James Paraskeva - Secondary School Teacher - james.paraskeva@marymede.vic.edu.au

What is your role at the College?

I am currently a Secondary School classroom teacher of Mathematics, Physical Education and Health & Human Development. I have previously taught Science, Information Technology, and Biology. I am also the Tutor Group Teacher for Chisholm 1 and coach various sporting teams for the College (Athletics, Chess, Volleyball and Football).

Tell us about an interesting project or topic that you are currently working on?

My Year 7 Health & Human Development students have recently completed a video analysis of their soccer skills to upload onto SIMON and are also working in groups to create a board game based on a whole Term’s worth of knowledge. Additionally, on any given day I can be seen before and after School and/or during lunchtime coaching various College sporting teams. At the moment I have two teams in a Grand Final; the Senior Boys AFL Team (with Mr DeSilva) and the Junior Boys Volleyball Team.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Teacher?

Teaching involves being a role model for those under your care. I believe it’s not so much what you teach but more so providing students with strategies on overcoming difficulty so that those skills and self-belief can flow into life after school; unless of course you’re playing the “VCE game”!

Fast Five:

Favourite Food: Oats, Nuts and Yoghurt

Favourite Movie/TV Show: Game of Thrones

Hidden Talent or Something We May Not Know About You: I have competed at a National level in both Olympic Weightlifting and Computer Gaming!

Favourite Sporting Team/Athlete: Hawthorn Football Club

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?:
David Attenborough - One of the most inspiring teachers of the natural world.

Cyril Rioli - An incredibly clever and quick-thinking footballer. His story of leaving his remote indigenous family to become a professional footballer is remarkable.

My Son - Who better to share the company of two of my idols than with my clever little toddler!



Social Justice continues to play a major role in the life of Marymede Catholic College with Year 12 students and teachers recently pursuing a major campaign to raise Justice Awareness against the evils of Human Trafficking - a campaign which could not have been made possible without the hard work and determination of the Marymede Social Justice group - 'MCATH'.

‘MCATH’ (Marymede Catholic College Against Trafficking in Humans) was founded in 2014 as a result of the studies undertaken on Human Trafficking by our Year 12 cohort. Students were astounded to hear of the extent to which Human Trafficking occurs, not only in Melbourne but indeed across all of Australia. After hearing Sr. Joan Kennedy (a Presentation nun and member of Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) speak as part of our Inspirational Catholic Speakers Program last year, a group of dedicated Year 12 students decided to form MCATH to raise Justice Awareness at the College. 

The group designed a set of 4 posters and a brochure within one classroom period and thus MCATH was launched with a view to spreading their message throughout the wider community. In 2015 MCATH designed its own official logo and decided to pursue a campaign in which 1000 informative flyers would be delivered to letterboxes around our local neighbourhood.

MCATH Co-ordinator Ms. Kathy Vlahusic has since been invited by ACRATH to present the work of MCATH at a Professional Learning Day for all teachers in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.  ACRATH has also asked the College for permission to leverage the group’s Justice Awareness posters on its national website.

In addition to the letterbox campaign, MCATH will present the aims and objectives of its existence to all students at an upcoming whole school assembly with a view to encouraging more students to join the group and further its cause.  Justice Awareness posters will be delivered to every Tutor Group homeroom in a bid to raise awareness on Human Trafficking. 

The group will continue to work closely with ACRATH, remaining informed about global, national and local issues in Human Trafficking, whilst focusing on diverse groups and needs.

You can view MCATH’s Justice Awareness Posters below, and read more about Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans by visiting http://acrath.org.au/

Justice Awareness Posters - Created by members of MCATH


  • P-12 Student Free Day
    Monday 13/07/2015
  • Week 1, Day 6
    Monday 13/07/2015
  • P-12 Students Commence
    Tuesday 14/07/2015
  • Yr 10 Subject Selection Assembly (For Yr 11 2016)
    Tuesday 14/07/2015
  • Yr 11 Legal Studies Excursion, 9.00am-4.30pm
    Marngoneet Correctional Centre, 1170 Bacchus Marsh Road, Bacchus Marsh-Geelong Road, Lara VIC 3214, Australia
    Tuesday 14/07/2015