Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

An important feature of Respectful Relationships in schools is the development of a student Code of Conduct that is inclusive of student voice. The implementation of a whole school, evidence-based framework known as Positive Behaviour for Learning is the recommended approach in Respectful Relationships schools. Marymede Catholic College commenced its journey to implement Positive Behaviour for Learning school-wide at the end of 2020, with the support of Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools.

About PB4L

PB4L is an organisational framework for supporting positive behaviour. It draws together effective, research-validated practices founded in the science of human behaviour. This scientific knowledge about behaviour is arranged into a framework which has a focus on systems, data and practices. The framework provides schools with procedures and practices to guide successful implementation of PB4L within the school environment.

The PB4L approach calls on schools to “teach” expected behaviours and lead students towards embodying a set of agreed values in their actions. Data is used to assess the progress of the student body in both learning the behaviours and living out the community derived values.

The framework is tiered and is based on preventative approaches together with early intervention to avoid escalation in behaviour and allow schools to cater to the needs of all students.
PB4L has been facilitated by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools over a number of years with many schools being trained. Marymede Catholic College is currently engaged with primary and secondary specialist coaches for training, implementation and ongoing support.

PB4L School Values

Through a consultative process in 2021, the Marymede Catholic College community including students, families and all members of teaching and non-teaching staff were invited to participate in developing a set of core values that underpin the PB4L framework in our school.

We were very grateful in 2021 to have so many members of our parent and guardian community respond to our survey and participate enthusiastically in our quest to discern the values most important to our community.

Marymede’s values are:

  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Safety

These values form the basis for expected behaviours within the College that are communicated via a Behaviour Expectation Matrix. The values and expected behaviours apply to all members of our community including students, parents and other family members and guardians/caregivers, visitors, teaching and non-teaching staff.

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