The Secondary School Journey

The secondary school journey is about providing opportunities for students to engage in a wide range of activities to foster their learning and open up pathways of choice.

For many of our young people entering Year 7 is a seamless transition from Primary – they know many of our teachers, they are familiar with the facilities – and they embrace the renewed challenge of entering their secondary years.  Marymede welcomes students from neighbouring Primary Schools and through the vertical house pastoral care system enables all students, new and existing at any year level, to integrate into College life confidently.

Marymede is a busy place and emphasises learning through doing as we call on our Student Leaders from Years 7 to 12 to take ownership of leading College events and fostering a culture that encourages all students to participate and engage in what Marymede offers.

Our students are known by their Pastoral Teachers and House Leaders and year after year our families have the opportunity to really get to know the teachers who journey with their children.

The team approach to knowing each child and how best they learn and respond to the learning environment includes collaboration with their pastoral chain, our College Pathways system, and our Educational Practices team.

Students have broad experiences of different subject areas in Years 7 to 9 and then move into subjects of strengths and interest, leading them to a variety of choice in future pathways.

Their  journey at school involves the following components to enrich their secondary experience.

  • Co-curricular Program
  • Enrichment Program
  • Camps and retreat
  • Reflection Days
  • Student Academic Improvement Strategy (SAIS)
  • Individual Student Wellbeing Management plans
  • Academic Testing – supporting teachers to know the students
  • Broad curriculum offerings
  • Teacher and parent communication
  • House Competitions
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Pathways counselling
  • Service to others in the community
  • Spiritual formation opportunities

By the end of their journey in the secondary school, our students will be ready to take on what is available to them in the wider community. They will have the skills to continue their learning, establish their place in the workforce, contribute to the community in a positive manner and know how to be of service to the other.

Year 7 An exciting time with the transition to secondary school.
  Getting to know new teachers, other students and new areas of learning in specialist facilities.
  Building resilience through our transition program, including Year 7 Camp. 
  Strengthening engagement in learning. Undertaking subject learning programs in core groups.
  Teachers knowing the children they teach through access to testing data - NAPLAN and Academic Associates (Robert Allwell).
Year 8 Emphasis on continuing to lay the literacy and numeracy foundations for ongoing achievement in learning.
  Consolidation of resilience skills and forming positive relationships.
Year 9 Students begin to examine pathways through choice of electives.
  Self-awareness and reflection is emphasised.
  NAPLAN testing is undertaken to monitor student progress in numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation against state benchmarks.
  Students undergo their first exam periods at the end of Semesters 1 & 2.
Year 10 Pathways can become clearer with students selecting subjects that reflect their strengths and interests – laying the groundwork for VCE or VM or VET in the VCE.
  Some students may choose to study Units 1 and 2 in one of the VCE subjects offered at this level.
  Work Experience
  Students engage in Career expo’s, both at the College and external venues.
  Academic Associates (Robert Allwell) Capabilities and pathways testing.
Year 11 Students commence their final two years of senior study in VCE, VCE-VET or VM.
  Year 11 Social Justice immersion.
  Study skills support through ‘Elevate’.
  Year 11 Formal.
Year 12 Leaders of our P – 12 College.
  Study skills support through ‘Elevate’.
  Clear guidelines and expectations for learning performance and achievement.
  Year 12 Retreat.