Religious Education flows through the Primary School curriculum and helps the children to make sense of and meaning of their everyday lives. In the faith tradition of the Catholic Church we provide our students with diverse experiences, contexts and narratives to help them integrate their faith with their own life and culture.

In the way of Mary, Mother of Jesus, it is our vision to give students a passion for life, a love of learning and a determination to be of service to others.

The Religious Education Program teaches our students to evaluate and respond to the mysteries of life. It builds in them a deep relationship with God, rewarding relationships with others and a great love for the Church.

In Primary School we teach the children the Sacraments of the Church. Our dedicated teachers and College Chaplin support the children and their families on this journey.

The Marymede community comes together to celebrate the Sacraments of:

  • Reconciliation in Year 3
  • First Eucharist in Year 4
  • Confirmation in Year 6

The gospel values form a strong and stable foundation for our students. Through the Religious Education Program, they are empowered to become courageous, compassionate members of our community and embrace the social justice causes presented to them.