Congratulations to Year 6.2's Classroom Teacher Mr. Anthony Amerena on being featured in a recent edition of the Northern Star Weekly!

Mr. Amerena has recently been nominated for the “A Day Made Better” Award. You can read the full article via the link below: 



In this edition of 'Meet the Teacher' we speak with Ms. Tracey Kift, our Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching P-12.

Name: Tracey Kift – Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching P-12 –  

What is your role at the College?

I am Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching P-12; I oversee the development of the curriculum from Prep to Year 12, professional learning for the teachers, the development of the timetable and lots of other interesting things. I also teach one class; this year I am very lucky to be working with the extraordinary Year 8 Extension Mathematics class.

Provide us with a 'snapshot' into your daily routine at the College:

There is no such thing as a normal day in my role – every day is very different and offers new challenges. Often my days have lots of meetings – with teachers, students or different teams and committees – and a lot of time spent working at my computer on developing plans for new initiatives and programs for our students. Other than the time I spend in my classroom teaching, my favourite part of the day is when I go out onto the Primary yard in the morning before school and get to enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of our students as they arrive for each new day at school. Even when I’m feeling a bit tired, the excitement of the primary students helps to kick start each day.

What do you love most about working at Marymede Catholic College?

I love the challenges of my job and the chance to be creative, to build relationships, to problem solve, to teach, and to always keep learning. It is so fantastic to work in a school that is vibrant and enthusiastic about new ideas; I’m excited to be a part of helping to realise the huge potential that Marymede has.

Fast Five:

Favourite Food: Cadbury Chocolate, anything made of potatoes, fresh bread, doughnuts …anything that’s sugary or full of carbohydrates!

Favourite Movie/TV Show: At the moment, Grimm and Suits are my favourite TV shows.

Hidden Talent or Something We May Not Know About You: I sing and have played the piano since I was 6. One of my many jobs when I was at university was singing and playing piano at the Warrandyte Hotel.

Favourite Sporting Team: I don’t follow any sport. But my 6-year old son is a Magpies supporter and my 7-year old son barracks for Bulldogs. So I probably either barrack for the Magdogs or the Bullpies. 

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?:

The thing that I enjoy most is seeing my sons enjoying themselves and exploring new ideas. Through helping them pursue their interests, I have learned so much and become interested in so many new things. So my 3 dinner guests would be people my sons would love to meet:

Brian Cox (Professor of Physics and Astronomy): To talk with them about space.

Andy Griffiths (Author of the Storey Treehouse Series): To talk to them about books and silly, fun stuff!

Adam Spencer (Comedian and Author of The Enormous Book of Numbers): To chat about all the cool/fun things about Mathematics!


Throughout Semester 1, our Year 11 VCAL students have been actively involved in 'The Garden Collective' program as part of their Religious Education Studies.

'The Garden Collective' is a food security project where students are involved in exploring the science of growing vegetables in the garden. On June 15, the vegetables were ready for harvest, and students were blessed with the powerful experience and humanity of sharing them.

In recognition of Refugee Week 2017, the fresh herbs and vegetables that students grew were harvested in the morning and delivered to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre where the produce was added to the offering in their Food Bank and immediately made available to needy parents to be able to prepare a meal for their families.

This social justice initiative was a unique opportunity for our VCAL students to experience this positive, social initiative that does make a difference.



New details have recently been released for the Marymede Early Learning Centre Kindergarten Programs scheudule to commence in February 2018. For more information on the Marymede Early Learning Centre - please visit



In this edition of 'Meet the Teacher' we speak with Ms. Megan Richardson, a member of our Secondary Teaching Team.

Name: Megan Richardson – Secondary Teacher –  

What is your role at the College?

I teach two Year 12 English classes, two Year 11 English classes and a group of Year 9 Commerce students. I am also very involved with the Senior English – SOS program on Wednesday nights.

Tell us about an interesting project or topic that you are currently working on with one of your classes?

At the moment, both of my English classes are gearing up for their ‘Analysing Argument’ SAC, which requires them to work out how writers use language to persuade. It can be quite tricky and requires lots of higher order thinking skills.

My Commerce recently ran a market for the Grade Five Marymede students, selling either products or services that would appeal to them. They were required undertake lots of market research and preparation for the big day and it was extremely rewarding to see the culmination of all their hard work!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I think there are lots of rewarding aspects of teaching but I suppose I think the most rewarding aspect is being able to help and support students with their learning and watching as they grow in confidence and ability. Often students don’t see the progress because they are so caught up in doing better but we as teachers get to see the small improvements along the way, which often reminds us why we work as hard as we do.

Fast Five:

Favourite Food: Fried Chicken and Cadbury chocolate

Favourite Movie/TV Show: I am a Harry Potter fanatic so I guess it would be the Harry Potter franchise in general.

Hidden Talent or Something We May Not Know About You: I find it really easy to remember song lyrics. I only need to hear a song once or twice to know the song and then once it is in there, it’s there forever! 

Favourite Sporting Team: I am not really a sports person. I would much rather spend time with friends, watch movies or hang out with my dogs!

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?:

J.K Rowling - I would love to pick her brain about the world she created through her books and how she was able to write in a way that inspired millions of children to love reading

Jane Austen - Again, an author I admire for her cutting wit and perceptive understanding of society.

Malala Yousafzai - An amazing young woman with incredible wisdom beyond her years.



The reviews are in - our 2017 Junior Production Seussical Jr.was a smashing success!

Outstanding job by all Cast & Crew, lots of hard work and hours put into rehearsals and preparation - all students should be extremely proud of their efforts.

Congratulations to Ms. Bedford and her team on yet another brilliant College production.

Re-live the magic in the photos below!



In this edition of 'Meet the Teacher' we speak with Mrs. Jane Darrou, a member of our Secondary Teaching Team and Head of Humanities.

Name: Jane Darrou – Secondary Teacher –  

What is your role at the College?

My role at Marymede Catholic College is 'Head of Humanities' and this year I am enjoying the classes that I teach which are Year 8 and 10 Humanities, VCE Unit 1 History and Year 8 English.

Tell us about an interesting project or topic that you are currently working on with one of your classes?

I love teaching all my classes and am currently working with the Year 8s on some exciting activities about Medieval Japan. It is always gratifying to teach World War II and particularly Australia’s part in the conflict which I am currently working on with my Year 10 class.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

For me, teaching is a great privilege. It has afforded me an opportunity to make a big difference to students’ understanding of our world and to support our precious youth to flourish as good people. 

Fast Five:

Favourite Food: Thai Beef Salad

Favourite Movie/TV Show: ‘Silk’ is a favourite series, ‘Foreign Correspondent’ is always interesting and I love a trip down memory lane with shows like ‘MASH’.  I especially enjoy programmes that make me laugh.

Hidden Talent or Something We May Not Know About You: One of my passions is singing. I performed a solo in Fauré’s Requiem for the Archbishop of Canterbury when he visited Ballarat and I ‘trod the boards’ of Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat in musical theatre performances. I’m looking forward to seeing my students in Seussical Jr. 

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?:

Waleed Aly - Would be great as a dinner guest because I enjoy his wit and his insights.

Emmanuel Macron (Newly elected President of France) - It would be fascinating to meet him and use my French language skills to speak with him.

Sarah Millican (British Comedian) - Another top choice because I like her infectious optimism and brilliant sense of humor.



In this week's edition of 'Meet the Parent' we are speaking with Michael Flint, recently announced as the new President of our Parents' & Friends Committee.

Name: Michael Flint

Occupation: Accountant & Managing Director at 'Smart Audit Pty Ltd' 

What year did you join the Marymede Community and what year level/s are your children in?

We joined the Marymede community in early 2010 when our daughter (Laura) was baptized in Marymede's Chapel of the Annunciation. Laura commenced as a student in 2015 and is now in Year 2

Amy, our youngest daughter, will start Prep in 2018.

Why did you choose Marymede Catholic College for your son/daughter's education?

We chose Marymede Catholic College for the benefit of an uninterrupted Catholic education across Prep to Year 12 along with its close proximity to our home in South Morang.

What have been some of your most memorable highlights during your time here at the College?

The Year 1 (2016) excursion to Edendale Farm which I attended as a Parent helper along with the 2016 Primary Choir Concert have been two memorable highlights.

What is your favourite thing about Marymede Catholic College?

The fact that our daughter is getting involved in (and enjoying!) everything that the College has to offer. 

Fast Five:

Favourite Food: Baked Cheesecake

Favourite Movie/TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Hidden Talent or Something We May Not Know About You: I’m a squash aficionado; I have been playing the game ever since picking up a racquet at the age of 4!

Favourite Sporting Team/Athlete: Brisbane Broncos (NRL)

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?:

Prince William and Kate - To keep things formal and 'real'!

Ed Sheeran - For some good tunes.

Kermit the Frog - Just to lighten the mood!

Michael with his two daughters, Laura and Amy.

Laura, Amy, Sarah and Michael


Marymede Catholic College is pleased to announce that Speech Therapy services will now be accessible on campus during School hours at a competitive cost to families. The service will be available to support students whom experience difficulty with social skills, speech or sound errors, language delay, ASD, literacy and phonological awareness, stuttering and more.

For more information please refer to the attached flyer or alternatively contact our Director of Student Services (Counselling), Ms Sasha Preece via phone or email


Marymede Early Learning Centre will offer a Kindergarten program for 3 and 4 year old children located on College grounds.

To register your interest in joining this program from 2018 please CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information!